Lec Dual Channel Temperature Probe Data Logger

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Lec Dual Channel Temperature Probe Data Logger
Lec Dual Channel High Accuracy Temperature Probe Data Logger
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Lec Dual Channel Temperature Probe Data Logger

The main advantage of this data logger is that it has an on-screen graph that displays the temperature of the last 100 readings; therefore if the logging period was 5 minutes, the time span would feature 500 minutes based on a logging time of every 5 minutes.

This display allows you to start, stop, review data and restart the logger when required.


  • Supplied with 2 glycol probes - which the end user can position at the top and bottom of the fridge to show any variations in temperature. Or, if the units are in close proximity, the probes can be positioned in 2 fridges.
  • Measures and stores over 250K temperature readings within a range of -40°C to +125°C
  • With pre-programmable logging rates, audible and LED visual alarms via the three on screen buttons, this advanced data logger provides the end user with confidence that all primary care units are functioning correctly
  • Data logger can be plugged into a PC, USB port and using the EasyLog software the downloaded data can be viewed in real time in graph form or exported to other applications
  • Comes supplied with 2 lithium batteries which allow logging for up to 4 months. It is recommended that the battery is replaced before low battery symbol appears to avoid losing valuable data 




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