Medi-Test Urine Test Strips

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Medi-Test Combi 8 Urine Test Strips
Medi-Test Combi 8 Urine Test Strips x 100
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Medi-Test Urine Test Strips

These strips test for blood, protein, nitrite, ketones, glucose, pH, specific gravity and leukocytes in urine.

The Medi-Test range of urine testing strips provide a simple, fast, reliable, and inexpensive means of detecting and assessing a range of diseases.

Instructions for Use

  1. Shake urine sample well before use
  2. Dip the strip into the urine for approximately 1 second
  3. Draw it across the rim to remove excess urine
  4. Compare colour changes with the colour chart after 30-60 seconds (60-120 seconds for leukocytes)


  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid resuls (in just 30 seconds)
  • Results stable for 60 seconds
  • Large test pads
  • Long shelf-life




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